Retirement Planning For 30-Somethings

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When you hit your 30’s, the focus for many is marriage, kids, and buying a home. All big life events that can cost big bucks. But no matter how much you’re shelling out in your 30’s… you can still find some money to save for retirement.

Step one is maximizing any existing retirement plans you may already be contributing to, like a 401K. If you’re employer matches your contributions, that’s a big plus! If your company doesn’t offer a retirement plan, open an Individual Retirement Account (either a traditional IRA or a ROTH).

Then, take a look at where you’re spending your money. Odds are that if you track your cash spending for one month, you’ll find expenses that you don’t need or money wasted where it shouldn’t be. Use this information to cut your spending fat, and flip the money you save into your retirement account.

… if someone would buy lunch three times a week over their working lifetime, it’s close to about $160-thousand dollars, believe it or not, that they’re actually eating way!
-Len Nassi, Certified Financial Planner