Save Big on Your Cellphone Plan With These New Options

Save Big on Your Cellphone Plan With These New Options
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Not long ago there was a giant schism between prepaid cellphone plans that you mostly would see offered by smaller carriers and the postpaid plans that were primarily sold by the major carriers. This great divide was mainly centered on contracts. Postpaid plans would typically come in two-year contracts while prepaid plans did not require contracts.

Nowadays, that gap is much smaller. None of the major carriers requires you to sign contracts. Still, there are reasons why you might want to buy a prepaid plan over a postpaid one. The biggest is savings. Not only are prices lower, but credit checks are not required (as they typically are for postpaid plans).

Here’s a look at some new prepaid cellphone plans you might not know about.


It’s not a big secret. When it comes to network coverage, there’s no beating Verizon. If you want great service, you have to consider Verizon. However, you might be put off by their prices. Verizon tends to have the most expensive plans on the market.

Visible is the solution for anyone wanting the dependability of Verizon’s network at lower prices. A relatively new carrier, Visible is owned by Verizon and provides service through the same network. With the Visible plan you get unlimited talk, text, and data for just $40 a month.

T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid

The divide between prepaid and postpaid is so small now that even the major carriers are offering their own prepaid plans. T-Mobile has a brand-new set of prepaid plans under the umbrella of Simply Prepaid, which replaces its older ONE Prepaid plan.

T-Mobile offers three tiers of prepaid plans. At $40 a month, Simply Prepaid includes unlimited talk and text as well as 10GB of 4G LTE data. For $50 a month, Simply Prepaid Unlimited comes with unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data as well as added perks like an unlimited 3G hotspot. Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus, at $60 a month, gives you all the perks of Simply Prepaid Unlimited with the bonus of 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data.

FreeUP Mobile’s 3-month plan

FreeUP Mobile, an MVNO running on AT&T’s network, just recently started offering a new three-month plan for $40. With unlimited U.S. talk and texting, and only 500MB of data per month, this plan is best suited for those who use their phones primarily to make calls and text rather than browse the internet or watch streaming videos. Breaking down the price it comes to just $13.33 a month.

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