Score Free Wings (and Join Other Lonely Hearts) at Hooters on Valentine’s Day

If you're nursing a broken heart (or just want to get 10 free chicken wings) this event is for you. Find out more about "Shred 'Em and Forget 'Em."

Score Free Wings (and Join Other Lonely Hearts) at Hooters on Valentine’s Day Photo (cc) by ayesamson

Are you still trying to get over a bad breakup? Hooters doesn’t want you to sit at home nursing a broken heart on Valentine’s Day. Instead, the restaurant chain is offering free wings if you’re willing to shred a picture of your ex.

“They shredded your heart. Return the favor,” reads a Hooters flier on the event.

To participate, all you need is a photo of your ex and a desire to exorcise a grudge.

You can take the photo into a participating Hooters restaurant on Feb. 14 and shred it there in person or do it electronically on Hooters’ website. The online version of Hooters’ “Shred ‘Em and Forget ‘Em” asks you to answer four simple questions about your past relationship and upload a picture of your ex. Based on your answers, Hooters recommends that you take your ex’s photo and destroy it in one of the following ways: shred, burn or bury.

To reward you for a job well done, Hooters is offering participants a “BOGO” coupon on a 10-piece boneless wing order. After all, “Revenge is a dish best served with wing,” according to Hooters.

“Hooters is all about creating a fun experience for our fans,” Carl Sweat, Hooters’ chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “It’s time to create a new Valentine’s Day tradition. Grab some friends and share your best stories about that memorable old flame that you’d all like to forget.”

Hooters’ #ShredYourEx BOGO boneless wings offer is valid only on Feb. 14.

Do you plan on shredding your ex at Hooters to score some free wings? What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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