2 Ways to Get a Discount on Netflix Every Month

These little-known savings tactics can shave off some of the cost of a Netflix streaming video subscription.

2 Ways to Get a Discount on Netflix Every Month Photo by Dean Drobot / Shutterstock.com

Netflix recently announced the biggest price increase in the company’s 12-year history, but you can get around it.

One option is to leave Netflix. There are multiple cheaper streaming services, as we detail in “Hulu and 3 Other Streaming Services Are Cheaper Than Netflix.”

But what if you aren’t willing to leave Netflix? Well, here’s a little-known savings secret: You can still shave off some of your monthly subscription cost by paying with a discounted gift card.

Here are a couple of ways to pull this off:

1. Buy discounted iTunes or Google Play gift cards from a wholesale club.

If you pay for your Netflix subscription through iTunes, you can pay for it with an iTunes gift card, Netflix’s website says. The same goes for Google Play.

And many warehouse clubs sell iTunes or Google Play gift cards at a discount. For example, Costco currently sells iTunes gift cards, while Sam’s Club offers both iTunes and Google Play gift cards.

Warehouse club discounts for these gift cards aren’t huge — up to around 5 percent, based on our research this week. Still, this tactic will shave down the cost of a recurring expense that rarely goes on sale.

2. Buy discounted Netflix gift cards through a marketplace.

Another way to buy discounted gift cards — no wholesale club membership necessary — is through gift card marketplaces. These are websites on which folks with unwanted gift cards sell them for less than their face value to folks seeking a deal.

If you buy a gift card for 10 percent off its face value, for example, you will effectively save 10 percent on everything you buy with that card — which could include your Netflix bill. Netflix’s website notes that you can pay for your subscription with a Netflix gift card.

A free comparison website called Gift Card Granny will tell you which gift card marketplace has the best deal on Netflix gift cards — or any other type of gift card — at any given time. Just do a search for a company like Netflix or a retailer or restaurant on the Gift Card Granny website.

You may not land a deep discount with this tactic, but, again, you can still shave down the cost of a recurring expense. And that kind of savvy savings is, well, not to be discounted.

How are you counteracting the effect of rising streaming-service prices on your budget? Share with us by commenting below or over on our Facebook page.

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