10 Rich and Famous People Who Use Coupons

Some millionaire actors, athletes and singers clip coupons. Find out who made our frugal list, and why they are so determined to save.

10 Rich and Famous People Who Use Coupons Photo (cc) by Keith Allison

Celebrities ranging from Hollywood stars to professional athletes are known to make millions. But not all of them spend like rich folks.

Some clip coupons. The following celebrities have fessed up to the practice publicly and are only too happy to share their frugal knowledge.

For some of the rich and famous, couponing stems from humble upbringings. For others, it’s a reflection of their ability to appreciate the value of a dollar saved despite millions of dollars earned.

Like the rest of us, the rich and famous use coupons for certain types of purchases more often than others. Some celebrities love to use coupons for groceries and eating out. Others use them for just about anything from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

1. Carmelo Anthony

Photo by Flickr user keithallisonPhoto by Flickr user keithallison

Professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony, currently of the New York Knicks, told CBS Denver that people look at him with shock when he uses coupons at the grocery store:

“I go to the supermarket, make sure I get the newspaper and tear the coupons out; save a dollar or two. … I’m human too.”

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