10 Ways to Conquer Bad Smells in Your Home (Especially in Winter)

Time to clear the air! Use one or more of these tactics for a more comfortable, welcoming living space.

Asier Romero / Shutterstock.com

In a perfect world, your home would smell like delicious food waiting to be eaten, or maybe like your favorite flower. Life generally isn’t perfect, though — especially in winter, when shorter, darker days and post-holiday slump can keep us from getting the dishes out of the sink and the laundry into the washer in a timely way.

Not that dirty plates and old socks are the only culprits. You might also notice stale cooking odors, diaper pails, wet wool garments, cigarette smoke, infrequently scooped litter boxes and overflowing trash cans. Such things are a lot more noticeable in winter, when we stay inside more and keep doors and windows tightly closed.

Time to clear the air! And not by burning a candle or lighting some incense, both of which can produce indoor air quality problems, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Instead, use one or more of these 10 tactics for a more comfortable, welcoming living space. The nose you save may be your own.

Note: This article will not address mildew or toxic mold, but only the less medically complex causes of stench-y homes.


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