11 Gifts to Help Conquer Common New Year’s Resolutions

Here are 11 tools to help you or someone you love meet a goal for 2018.

1. Resolution: To get up early

Elnur / Shutterstock.com

Hitting the snooze button is just so irresistible. Alarmy is a free app for your Android phone (sorry, iPhone users) that ensures you will get out of bed. When it goes off, it won’t stop until you take a photo of a predesignated place of your choosing somewhere inside your house. If you don’t supply the photo, Alarmy won’t stop blaring.

Tip: Don’t make the predesignated place within rolling-over distance — that defeats the whole purpose.

Don’t have an Android phone? Here’s another waker-upper gift idea: The SmartShaker ($10.99) is a small alarm you put under your pillow that connects wirelessly to your smartphone alarm and vibrates when the alarm goes off.


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