13 Easy Ways to Save Big Bucks at the Movies

A ticket to your local movie theater will cost you around $9. But you can pay less — or maybe nothing at all — with these simple tips.

1. Skip those premium formats

Master1305 / Shutterstock.com

Sure, it can be fun to see a superhero blockbuster on a five-story-tall screen or in 3-D. But not every film is better that way.

Before you spring for the pricey ticket, check with a reviewer you trust. Some film scribes will note whether 3-D brought any value to a movie. Or ask your friends if seeing a particular movie in 3-D was worth the extra money.

Also check movie times and corresponding formats carefully. I once heard a woman in a ticket line say, “Oh, this is an XD show.” Her companion sighed and said, “Well, we’re here, so go ahead and pay it.” It was an extra $3.50 per ticket.

Don’t let that happen to you. Pay attention when you choose your show time.

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