12 Smart Tricks to Organize Every Room of Your Home

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The late comedian George Carlin famously talked about “stuff” in what became one of his most epic stand-ups:

“This is my stuff, that’s your stuff … That’s all you need in life, a little place for your stuff. That’s all your house is: a place to keep your stuff.”

As we all know, stuff becomes a problem! We have too much stuff and need to find ways to keep it all organized. So, check out these hacks guaranteed to save time, space and money.

1. Organize your jeans with S hooks

Organizing jeans with S hooks
Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

How many years have you folded your jeans neatly on a shelf? That’s great, until you’re suddenly running late and looking for your favorite pair — and they all end up thrown on the floor as you make a mad dash to the door.

Metal S hooks are less than $1 each at the hardware store and fit perfectly on any clothing rack to hang jeans by their belt loops. Now, you can see every pair in your closet, and they don’t get that annoying crease from being folded. You can even hang them in order from the skinny jeans you haven’t worn since 1997 to the fat pants you’ve been meaning to donate.

Here’s a 20-pack of S hooks at Amazon.

2. Use a pegboard to organize jewelry

Necklaces hanging on wall.
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There’s nothing more frustrating than going into your jewelry box to pull out a necklace, only to find it’s in a tangled knot with 11 other necklaces. No one’s got time for jewelry drama like that.

Mounting a pegboard allows you to organize jewelry with hooks so you can hang each necklace individually, as well as ensuring your earrings always have a mate.

3. Stack bracelets on a paper towel holder

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Chunky bracelets can take up too much space in drawers or jewelry boxes, so stack them on the rod of a standing paper towel holder for easy access. Here's one at Amazon.

4. Use pool noodles as tall boot shapers

Boots held up by swim noodles.
Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

Your tall boots will never slouch at the bottom of a closet again! Instead of shelling out money for expensive boot hangers, cut up a plastic foam pool noodle, slide the pieces into your boots and they’ll stand tall and perfectly in line.

While you can also buy these pool noodles at Amazon, you can often find them for a buck at the dollar store.

5. Roll up your tanks and tees

Organized teeshirts
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Even if you fold tank tops and T-shirts neatly, it may take some digging to find the one you’re looking for. Rolling them up like little sushi rolls not only is a space saver, but it also allows you to easily reach for the one you want because they’re not piled on top of one another.

To get these orderly rolls, simply fold a shirt in half lengthwise, fold in half again and roll it up.

6. Use a shower liner with pockets to organize toiletries

Shower curtain organization
Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

A single shower rack doesn’t usually have enough room for multiple shampoos, conditioners and all those bath and beauty products you have piled up, spilling into the tub.

A shower liner with pockets is an easy solution that will keep your products organized and out of sight after you hang a shower curtain in front of it. Here is one at Amazon.

7. Organize makeup brushes in jars of coffee beans

Makeup brushes in a stand
Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

Dig those makeup brushes out of the bottom of your makeup bag and keep them cleaner and more organized — with coffee beans!

All you need is a container filled with some beans, and your brushes will stay standing and separated. Bonus: If you run out of java in the kitchen, you’ve got some reserves!

8. Transform a junk drawer with small plastic bins

Organized vanity drawer
Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

Instead of blindly fishing through whatever you threw into your bathroom vanity drawer, keep items separated with small plastic containers. Secure each container with a small amount of museum putty on the bottom to keep it in place.

9. Put a clothes rack by the dryer for a no-wrinkle finish

Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

As soon as your clothes are dry or almost dry, having a rack nearby to hang up shirts and slacks makes it easier to go from dryer to closet — as well as a way to keep clothes from getting wrinkled by being tossed in a laundry basket.

10. Use a silverware tray to organize office supplies

Office drawer
Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

Still looking for those batteries you bought not too long ago? Silverware trays are a great way to keep office drawers organized with spaces for household essentials, from tape and stamps to chargers and pens.

11. Display kitchen counter must-haves with a cake stand

Tray organizer
Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

A decorative cake stand can be an attractive way to organize utensils, salt and pepper shakers, and all of your kitchen counter odds and ends in one place.

12. Use Mason jars in the pantry

Items in mason jars
Parker Wallace / Money Talks News

No more toothpicks falling all over the kitchen floor when you have a miniature Mason jar to keep them in one place! Since Mason jars come in so many convenient sizes, you can use them to organize all of your loose pantry products, from straws to spatulas.

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