16 Eye-Popping Stats About Big Tech

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Following are some amazing statistics about the largest American tech companies — perfect for sharing with friends at your next get-together.

Some may be slightly outdated, since they come from 2020 and 2021, and stock prices change daily. But in most cases, they’ll be reasonably close.

1. Talk about golden arches …

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The combined yearly revenue of Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Microsoft and Facebook is about $1.2 trillion. Their combined sales in one week is more than McDonald’s makes in a year.

2. They make $5 of every $100 the entire country produces

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The money that Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Microsoft take in is equivalent to about 5% of the entire gross domestic product of the United States, which has the world’s largest economy.

3. It’s like they hired everyone in Atlanta

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In 2020 alone, Amazon hired about a half-million people, equivalent to the entire population of Atlanta. Amazon now has about 1.5 million employees.

4. They’re big — very big

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If you add together the market value of those tech companies’ stocks, the total is more than the value of the next 27 most valuable U.S. companies put together, including monster firms like JP Morgan, Walmart and Exxon.

5. Their profits are soaring

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Apple’s third-quarter profits in 2021 ($21.7 billion) were nearly double the combined annual profits of the five largest U.S. airlines prior to the pandemic.

6. It’s better to give …

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Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, could pay for new iPhones for 200 million people and still be a billionaire.

7. Food for thought

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Alphabet’s revenue for the fourth quarter of 2021 ($75 billion) was more than every American combined — all 330 million of us — spends on groceries in a month (roughly $54 billion).

8. That’s a lot of office supplies

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Facebook spent more on its computer hubs and offices last year than Exxon spent producing oil.

9. Talk about taking stock

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In 2020, the combined stock market valuation of Apple, Alphabet, Nvidia, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook increased to more than $10 trillion. That’s about the same size as the entire U.S. stock market in 2002.

10. How to make Apple even more popular

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Apple started 2021 with about $200 billion in cash on hand. That’s enough to give every single person in the U.S. $600.

11. There are about 6,000 different stocks

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But just these five companies — Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook — combined represent about 20% of the entire market’s worth.

12. Give me a minute, and I’ll make you rich

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Every minute of every day, Amazon rakes in over $800,000. Apple brings in about $700,000 every minute. Alphabet, over $400,000 per minute.

13. Companies or countries?

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The five largest tech companies are collectively worth more than the entire economy of the United Kingdom. Only four countries on the planet have bigger economies: the U.S., China, Japan and Germany.

14. Give me just one day …

Austin, Texas
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Apple makes about as much every day as 2,500 average U.S. households combined make in a year.

15. That’s a latte

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In 2020, Apple made almost three times as much net profit (income after all expenses) as Starbucks did in sales.

16. Let’s ad it up

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Google and Facebook — just two companies — collect more than 25% of all money spent on all forms of advertising in the U.S.

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