20 Purchases That Buyers Nearly Always Regret

The temptation can be great, but stop and think before you buy these items. You'll save yourself money and trouble.

Man with empty walletElnur / Shutterstock.com

It’s fairly predictable: There are certain purchases that buyers tend to regret. No, that doesn’t mean everyone: There are plenty of delighted boat and hot tub owners out there, and surely more than a few people count their timeshare property as true delights.

But when faced with one of the potential purchases listed here — at very least the expensive ones — take a breath, think seriously about the purchase, and then imagine the aftermath. How will you get rid of it? Will you make any money back, or will you be posting desperate FREE notes on Craigslist, or dumping the item on a corner and running. (Note: Don’t do this.)


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