30 Awesome Things to Do in Retirement

Being older gives you the freedom to explore new things. Check out this list of free or affordable activities that will help you stay sharp, engaged and fulfilled.

1. Be a campground host

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An army of older Americans moves among state, national and private parks and campgrounds, staying for extended visits. In exchange for free camping, they help park managers and campers with chores like leading nature walks, tidying campsites, collecting fees and offering a friendly welcome to other campers. Chores, responsibilities and lengths of stays allowed vary by park. SnowbirdTrails has links to many of these “workamper” (work camper) jobs.

Some campground hosts do it for fun. For many others it is a way of stretching tight retirement incomes. If you’re a “people person,” you may love this gig. If you’re not the social type, keep looking for something else to enjoy. The job requires constant socializing and interaction with others.


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