6 Product Packages That Have Been Downsized — or Upsized

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We end the year with another round of products that have been downsized from their former larger-size packages.

Of course, the newfangled name for this is “shrinkflation.” But, no matter what you call it, it still is a sneaky way to pass on a price increase.

Here is a look at some of the products with recently downsized packages that we have noticed.

1. Crest toothpaste

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I don’t know how anyone can keep track of toothpaste tube sizes these days. They just keep getting smaller and smaller.

The 4.1-ounce tube of Crest 3D White Flouride Anticavity Toothpaste lost more than 8% of its contents, going down to a net weight of just 3.8 ounces. Thanks to Richard G. for spotting this change.

2. Milky Way

Fun size Milky Way candy bars
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Candy is another big category for downsizing. This time, it is a package of fun-size Milky Way bars that went from a net weight of 11.24 ounes down to 10.65 ounces. There is just a little less fun in each bag. Thanks to M.F. for spotting the change.

3. Twinings tea

Twinings Earl Grey tea
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Even the stately boxes of Earl Grey tea by Twinings got hit by the shrink ray. In this case, the boxes that previously contained 25 tea bags now contain 20% fewer bags. Thanks to M.F. again for finding this change.

4. Gain laundry detergent

Gain laundry detergent
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Procter & Gamble apparently has been tinkering with the cup size or the formula for its Gain laundry detergent brand. The new “Mega Pack” bottles of Gain + Aroma Boost contain 11 ounces less than the old ones (154 instead of 164), but supposedly, you still get the same 107 loads out of every container.

Of course, few people get the number of loads promised on the label out of a bottle of detergent. That count is usually based on a small load.

5. Aleve

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Finally, if all these shrinking products give you a headache, don’t turn to the 100-count bottles of Aleve with 220-milligram caplets. They now only have 90 of those 220-milligram caplets.

6. Kirkland Signature paper towels UPsized

Costco's Kirkland Signature paper towels
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In May 2021, we showed you how Costco had downsized its Kirkland Signature house brand of paper towels from 160 sheets on a roll to 140. Well, fast-forward to September 2021, and reader David F. reported that Costco had restored the missing 20 sheets to their paper towel rolls, so they are back up to 160 sheets.

Perhaps it was all the bad publicity that surrounded that downsizing that convinced the company to bring back the previous larger size. In any event, hat’s off to Costco.

If you find a product that has been either downsized or upsized, please send a clear photo of both the old and new one to Edgar (at symbol) MousePrint.org.

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