6 Ways Your Instant Pot Can Save You Money — Instantly

Don't be afraid to pull that electric multi-cooker out of its box. The Instant Pot isn't like the pressure cooker of old, and it can save you plenty of bread to boot.

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Are you looking for someone or something to cut you some slack? This may be the thing for you, a thing that was once as uncool as spiral perms or bell-bottom pants: the Instant Pot.

Pressure cookers used to have a bad reputation. Everyone had a story about how Cousin Agnes had one and she somehow blew up her kitchen with it. Old-style pressure cookers were intimidating appliances, especially for those of us raised on the ease and safety of microwaves.

But then came Canadian inventor Robert Wang and his partners, and in 2013 there was a new appliance that combined pressure-cooking, slow-cooking, sauteing and, depending on your model, other techniques such as yogurt-making and cake-baking. Suddenly, pressure cooking felt safe — and hip — again.

There’s no question that the Instant Pot has captured the hearts and kitchens of many. Just try reading through some of the glowing reviews on Amazon, or joining one or more of the Facebook groups devoted to the appliance. Gluten-free groups love it, those who’ve gone paleo or vegetarian sing its praises, dieters and those with allergies have all found it an aid. Call it the equal-opportunity appliance.

“The Instant Pot is hardly the fanciest appliance on the market; several models sell for under $100,” noted the New York Times in December. “But it has upended the home-cooking industry.”

If an Instant Pot is in your plans — or maybe on your shelf — here are six ways it can save you money.


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