7 Ways to Save Yourself From Overspending at the Mall

Retailers bombard you with choices and offers that may appear to be good deals. Here's how to buy what you want, and get out before you spend too much.

Shopper moneyDobo Kristian / Shutterstock.com

Shopping malls are designed to separate shoppers from their money.

In order to maximize sales, malls tempt shoppers to spend with oversized “sale” signs near store entrances. Impulse items, such as jewelry and perfumes, are arrayed by cash registers to catch shoppers’ eyes at checkout. As people walk from store to store, sales people working kiosks hawk specialty products to passers-by. Even the odors that waft through the air are designed to trigger spending. Marketers use scents to connect with shoppers on an emotional level.

But you can arm yourself to avoid unnecessary purchases. Here are seven ways to avoid spending temptations at the mall so you can make better choices.


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