25 Great Types of Work-From-Home Jobs for Retirees

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Ah, the golden years. For many, it’s a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. But what if you want to work a little bit during retirement too? Good news!

There are many jobs for retirees, whether you’re looking to supplement your income or simply interested in continuing your professional life in a more flexible capacity. And the best news — there are more work-from-home jobs for seniors over 60 to consider than ever before.

The industries below offer many freelance, part-time, remote, and flexible jobs for seniors at home.

Many retirees enjoy the flexibility that comes with working less than full-time to balance their professional and personal lives, and flexible work ensures retirees can enjoy their retirement while staying active.

For retirees searching for “seniors working from home jobs,” our list offers 25 career categories for work-from-home jobs for seniors. Once you’ve explored the list, short-list the opportunities that appeal to you, and use search filters to pinpoint the right fit for you.

1. Accounting & Finance Jobs

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Dive into the world of numbers. Whether it’s managing accounts or bill payments, there’s always an opportunity for a numbers enthusiast. Use your expertise to help businesses and individuals keep their finances in check.

Common job titles:

2. Administrative Jobs

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Organize, manage, and communicate. Harness your skills in handling projects, personnel matters, communications, and other administrative duties. Your knack for organizing can streamline tasks, helping businesses thrive.

Common job titles:

3. Art & Creative Jobs

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Unleash your inner artist from the comfort of your home. Exciting roles are waiting for your creativity, whether sketching, designing, painting, or crafting.

Dive into projects, blending passion with opportunity and making retirement your best professional years yet.

Common job titles:

4. Coaching Jobs

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Empower and uplift others with your wisdom. Your life experiences can provide the guidance and impactful lessons others need to reach their goals. Mentor, guide, and support individuals in their personal or professional journeys.

Common job titles:

5. Consulting Jobs

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Offer your expertise in business and management as a consultant. Having honed your skills over the years, you’re primed to guide companies through strategic decisions and operational challenges.

Share your insights, provide actionable solutions, and watch businesses flourish.

Common job titles:

6. Customer Service Jobs

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Be the friendly voice or message that clients hear. Your empathetic approach can guide customers through inquiries and concerns.

Use your communication skills to enhance customer experiences while working from home.

Common job titles:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Support Specialist

7. Data Entry Jobs

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Precision meets consistency in data entry roles. Your meticulous attention can ensure accurate and organized records.

Data entry is perfect for retirees looking for structured, straightforward remote work in a solitary environment.

Common job titles:

8. Editing Jobs

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Turn good writing into extraordinary writing. Use your keen eye for detail to refine content, ensuring clarity and correctness. Make manuscripts, articles, or web content shine brightly in publishing and online content.

Common job titles:

9. Human Services Jobs

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Make a difference from the comfort of home. With your background in care or support, you can assist individuals and communities by providing guidance, assistance, or resources.

Your compassion can be the guiding hand many seek.

Common job titles:

10. Internet & E-commerce Jobs

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Dive into the dynamic world of online commerce. From managing online stores to promoting products, your digital savvy can be a game-changer. Harness the power of the internet to connect, sell, and prosper.

Common job titles:

11. Math & Economics Jobs

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Analytical retirees, your expertise is invaluable. Dive into number crunching, market trend analysis, or financial consulting.

With your profound understanding, advise businesses or individuals on pivotal economic choices from your home office.

Common job titles:

12. Medical & Health Jobs

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Health care from home is on the rise. Your background in patient care, advice, or administration is a cornerstone. Advise patients, manage records, or conduct telehealth sessions, prioritizing well-being.

Common job titles:

13. Mortgage & Real Estate Jobs

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Leverage your property knowledge to support homebuyers virtually. Advise on real estate transactions, evaluate properties, or provide insights on market trends.

Your real estate acumen can guide clients, making their property journey seamless and informed.

Common job titles:

14. Nonprofit & Philanthropy Jobs

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Drive change from your desk. Whether supporting community initiatives or global causes, your commitment can drive a mission you’re passionate about. Contribute to strategies, fundraising, or outreach to amplify the impact of nonprofits.

Common job titles:

15. Online Teaching Jobs

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Education knows no bounds. Your expertise can shape curious minds globally. Whether math, history, language, or another subject, teach students in virtual classrooms, making learning interactive and accessible from anywhere.

Common job titles:

16. Operations Jobs

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Operational efficiency is just a click away. Harness your skills in systematizing and fine-tuning business processes. Manage teams, streamline workflows, or optimize supply chains.

With your skills, businesses can run like well-oiled machines without a daily commute.

Common job titles:

17. Research Jobs

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Dive into in-depth studies, data collection, or analysis. Whether in science, market trends, or social behaviors, apply your methodological process to uncover vital insights and contribute to knowledge bases in nearly any industry.

Common job titles:

18. Retail Jobs

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Turn online shopping into an art form. With your knowledge of customers, manage virtual storefronts, or provide personable online sales support.

The digital marketplace awaits your retail expertise to guide shoppers and ensure top-tier service.

Common job titles:

19. Sales Jobs

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Pitch from home. Your eloquence and market understanding make you an asset in remote sales. Establish connections, understand needs, and drive deals. Your home office is the new sales floor where success is just a call away.

Common job titles:

20. Telemarketing Jobs

Happy senior man working on his laptop and phone at a remote job.
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Engage with potential clients over the phone, understanding their needs and offering tailored solutions through conversations that convert. Your gift of connection and patience can turn cold calls into warm welcomes and fruitful relationships.

Common job titles:

21. Transcription Jobs

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Tune into the details. If you possess a keen ear and swift typing skills, transcription offers a chance to convert spoken words into written format.

Whether for medical, legal, or media content, your accuracy clarifies every dialogue.

Common job titles:

22. Translation Jobs

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Bridge cultures and languages. If you’re fluent in multiple languages, translation roles allow you to convert texts and conversations, making global communications seamless.

Help businesses, authors, or individuals connect in a multilingual world.

Common job titles:

23. Travel & Hospitality Jobs

Travel agent
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Use your knowledge of travel destinations to guide travelers or assist in planning perfect getaways.

Help craft bespoke travel experiences or manage bookings for corporate clients, ensuring that comfort and adventure coexist.

Common job titles:

24. Tutoring Jobs

Online tutor
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Empower the next generation with your academic expertise and nurturing guidance. As a tutor, you’ll help students overcome hurdles in various subjects.

You can be the key to unlocking their potential and academic achievements through online platforms.

Common job titles:

25. Writing Jobs

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With a flair for words, dive into diverse writing projects, weave stories, and craft content.

You can write articles, blogs, or grants. Your narratives can inform, entertain, or persuade, making the digital landscape the perfect platform to put your knowledge to work.

Common job titles:

5 Tips for Job Hunting as a Senior or Retiree

Older woman sharing retirement and life advice online
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Launching your job search as a retiree brings a unique set of challenges and advantages. Dive into these five essential tips to help you confidently navigate the modern job market as a retiree.

1. Address Stigmas About Age

woman thinking planning
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It’s an unfortunate reality that age-related bias exists in the job market. However, as a senior or retiree, you bring substantial experience to the table. Armed with confidence in what you have to offer, you can combat ageism head-on.

Start by having transparent conversations. Address any potential concerns the employer raises about you being “overqualified” or “too old.” Speak about your enthusiasm for the role and how your wealth of experience will be an asset, not a hindrance.

Get ahead of the conversation by proactively demonstrating your adaptability. Show that you’re not stuck in the past but are actively evolving with the times in the following ways:

  • Actively participate in industry-specific webinars or online workshops.
  • Enroll in contemporary courses or obtain certifications related to the industry.
  • Highlight your proficiency with modern collaboration tools, like Zoom or Slack.
  • Maintain an updated digital presence on LinkedIn, a personal website, or industry forums.
  • Share feedback from younger colleagues that underscores your adaptability.

Ensure you highlight transferable skills that are beneficial to the role you’re applying for. Remember, every stage of life brings its unique strengths. As a senior job seeker, you’re offering a blend of wisdom, experience, and, with the right strategies, a modern skill set.

2. Highlight Skills and Experience

Remote interview
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Over the years, you’ve gained accomplishments and insights. It’s essential to spotlight these skills to reinforce your reliability and expertise.

Your vast experience offers unique perspectives that newer entrants might not possess. Your goal is to connect the dots for the hiring manager so they understand how those will benefit their hiring role.

Focus on your adaptability as you’re looking for retirement jobs from home.

Remember when you transitioned from traditional methods to newer technologies or strategies? Did you spearhead the adoption of a new web-based program? What about training new hires on cutting-edge technology?

Highlighting those experiences sends a strong message: You’re both seasoned and modern.

3. Network

senior woman studying information on her tablet or laptop
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One of the distinct advantages you have as a retiree is the extensive network you’ve built over your career. You can use that as a foundation to grow a more robust network.

Schedule time to reconnect with old colleagues, attend industry events or webinars, and explore online platforms tailored to professionals.

If this is your first virtual job search, you should lean into some networking tools you haven’t utilized before.

LinkedIn, for example, is an invaluable resource for all age groups, helping to display your expertise and connect with industry leaders. Plus, joining groups relevant to your profession can provide support and opportunities.

Lastly, remember that networking is a two-way street. Offer insights from your rich experience and be ready to learn from others. This mutual exchange builds trust and can lead to promising job referrals.

4. Optimize Your Resume

man helping mom on computer
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Your professional journey is impressive. But when tailoring your resume, stick to achievements from the last 10 years, and focus on highlighting skills directly relevant to the role you’re targeting.

Doing so helps the hiring manager see you as a valuable contemporary candidate, not just a seasoned one.

If it’s been a while since you were job searching, take some time to familiarize yourself with modern resume and personal branding standards. A modern twist can make all the difference when searching for remote jobs for retirees.

Adopt an impactful resume summary, rather than an objective, including links to online portfolios or projects. This subtly communicates, “I’m not just experienced — I’m current!”

5. Utilize Resources for Seniors and Retirees

Older woman at work
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It’s true. Your job search comes with challenges that younger job seekers aren’t faced with. But it also comes with some resources that aren’t available to them, either.

For instance, AARP offers abundant resources and connections, helping professionals seeking senior jobs from home.

Does something more personal sound like a better fit? Hiring a career coach who specializes in finding online jobs for seniors can make all the difference.

They bring tailored strategies to the table, ensuring your rich experience shines brightly in today’s competitive job market.

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