6 Simple Changes That Quickly Cut Shaving Costs

Don't pay $3 for a single razor blade. Follow these tips to dramatically cut the cost of one of life's most expensive personal care routines.

6 Simple Changes That Quickly Cut Shaving Costs Photo (cc) by juhansonin

Americans fork over an enormous amount of cash to keep unwanted hair at bay. In 2013, shoppers spent $2.3 billion on razors and blades, according to a Washington Post story.

Some men have decided to largely opt out of this costly daily routine. Gabriela Elani, a personal care analyst with market researcher Mintel, told the Post that as facial hair has become more acceptable in the workplace, men no longer feel required to shave daily.

Still, millions of men and women prefer a cleaner look and remain resigned to purchasing expensive razor blades.

Whether you shave daily or just occasionally, we’ve rounded up six great ways for men and women to get a smoother shave for less.


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