America’s Top 4 Money Worries for 2023

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As a new year approaches, Americans likely are filled with hopes — and a few fears.

After a rough 2022, many of us have bruised finances. And while we may be hopeful that 2023 will be better, we also harbor some anxieties about how the next 12 months will impact our wallets.

Recently, Fidelity Investments polled more than 3,000 adults as part of its “2023 Financial Resolutions Study.”

Fidelity asked participants to list their biggest money worries in the new year. Following are the top anxieties they mentioned.

4. Political uncertainty

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Respondents who cited this as a top financial concern for 2023: 25%

It’s no secret that America is divided in half between “red” and “blue” voters. As political tensions rise, many Americans apparently worry about how such bickering might impact their finances.

3. Unexpected expenses

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Respondents who cited this as a top financial concern for 2023: 38%

Life has a habit of dropping unexpected expenses into your lap when you can least afford them.

If you are worried about a sudden expense derailing your finances, perhaps 2023 is the year to build an emergency fund. For more check out:

2. Economic uncertainty/recession

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Respondents who cited this as a top financial concern for 2023: 39%

Everybody seems to be worried about an imminent economic recession — even many billionaires. No one knows for sure whether a recession will strike next year, but the odds seem to favor such a downturn.

While you cannot prevent a recession, you can prepare for its impact. For more, read “9 Ways to Brace Your Finances for a Recession.”

1. Inflation’s impact on expenses and saving

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Respondents who cited this as a top financial concern for 2023: 43%

Prices were already rising in 2021, but 2022 was the year when inflation really hit home in America and across the globe.

After decades of relatively stable prices, inflation has returned with a vengeance, relentlessly eroding the value of our dollars and making it harder to get by day-to-day.

With any luck, inflation will moderate in 2023. But for now, fight back against higher prices by listening to Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson discuss the “10 Sure-Fire Ways to Beat Inflation.”

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