Compare the Top-Selling Car in Each State

Is your state one of the many that favor the world's most popular truck, or are drivers there busting out in the other fast-rising vehicles?

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Americans pride themselves on individuality, but vehicle sales figures compiled for Money Talks News by Kelley Blue Book show our taste in rides are more similar than we may think. According to, there are approximately 236 vehicle models — from the approximately $12,000 Nissan Versa to the McClaren Coupe priced at more than $1 million — in the U.S. marketplace. Yet the KBB ratings show that only 11 models from six automakers make up the “top” cars in each state so far this year. The list also suggests last year’s record-high truck and SUV sales won’t slow anytime soon.

Consider these sales figures from 2016 and year-to-date 2017 to see what drives Americans into dealer showrooms:

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