Don’t Toss That! 7 Things You Should Sell Instead

Decluttering your home? Earn money as you give new life to these unwanted items.

ClutterIakov Filimonov /

I come from a long line of “dejunkers.” We’re those people who constantly scan their homes for furniture, clothes and other items that haven’t been used for a while — and toss them out. But when I married a graduate student — and we lived on a marginal income — I realized that some of that stuff I used to toss was pretty valuable.

I still buy used goods, even though I’m now on a more solid financial footing, and I’ve learned that it really is worth it to sell some things rather than just cart them off. It allows me to earn ­– and save ­– cash. Beyond that, it feels good to see stuff I no longer need going to a new home instead of the landfill.

Consider these seven types of items that you might not have realized were worth anything — and learn some of the best places to sell them.

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