Hunt Down and Cash In on These 21 Thrift Store Treasures

Here's what to look for at that overstuffed Goodwill or Salvation Army store, and how you can make money from it.

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Thrift stores can be a wonderful mishmash of trash and treasure. But every thrift shopper has their own “Moby Dick”-style white whales, otherwise known as the items for which they are always hunting. Yours may include first-edition books by a favorite childhood author, or missing pieces from Grandma’s discontinued china pattern, or 7 for All Mankind jeans in a certain size and style, while the shopper next to you has completely different priorities. (There’s that missing Lego brick my Millennium Falcon has been needing!)

We’ve all read the stories of someone finding a true “Antiques Roadshow”-style treasure in a bargain bin. One avid golfer at a Toronto thrift store scooped up an iconic green jacket from Augusta National Golf Course — perhaps worn by a past Masters champion, the ones allowed to take those distinct items off the grounds — and sold it for thousands. Such finds are as rare as a hole-in-one, but there are other gems to be on the look out for at your favorite resale shop. Here’s a guide to just a few.


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