5 Important Industries to Watch Now

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Investing can be a great way to build wealth over time. The trick is figuring out where those investment dollars will do the most good.

There are no sure things, but it’s possible to add a little growth to your portfolio by looking a sectors that are doing well, have future potential or even just have some good buzz.

One way to take advantage of current and up-and-coming trends is to look at industries. Consider ETFs that track industry shares so you don’t have to try to pick individual stocks.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are some intriguing industries to keep an eye on.

Clean energy

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Although the Trump administration has proposed funding cuts to green energy research, clean energy still is expected to make strides.

Numerous individual companies are poised to profit from clean energy, and this is an interesting industry to consider as a whole, especially if you look at the world stage.

The U.K. has considered outfitting nearly 2 million homes with solar panels, 77% of Germany’s power already comes from renewables and China is angling to be a world leader in renewable energy.

Not only that, but wind turbine manufacturing and solar panel manufacturing are among the top 10 industries expected to expand in 2019, according to IBISWorld.

Health care

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The U.S. health care industry has been around for some time and it’s not likely to become less of a behemoth any time soon, says a report from Deloitte.

With an aging baby boomer population needing a variety of health care services, including long-term care and assisted living, there’s a good chance that this industry will continue to grow.

In fact, the Deloitte report suggests, global health care spending will reach $10 trillion annually by 2022.

“Aging and growing populations, greater prevalence of chronic diseases, exponential advances in innovative, but costly, digital technologies — these and other developments continue to increase health care demand and expenditures,” says the report.

Cashless payments

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As it becomes easier to do business globally and send money to friends and family, cashless payments might be a solid bet for an industry to watch.

According to a report from American Express, continued growth in ecommerce and mobile payments is expected as the shift from cash and checks continues. The company expects to see 17% growth in digital commerce through 2021.

It’s also possible to see increases in peer-to-peer payment systems. For example, P2P system Zelle posted $39 billion in payments in the first quarter of 2019, representing an increase of 54% during the same period a year earlier. Transaction volume is on the rise as well.

Customer service AI

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One area where artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of play — and seeing potential — is customer service AI.

Last year, analyst firm Gartner suggested that, by 2020, about 25% of customer service and support will use some form of AI, such as a chatbot, to interact with consumers.

Gartner also predicts that by 2022, about two-thirds of “customer experience projects” will involve some sort of information technology (IT), an increase from 50% in 2017.

Legal cannabis

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Thirty-three states and Washington, D.C., have legalized some form of marijuana, whether for recreational use or solely for medical — sometimes limited medical — purposes.

Two out of three Americans support legalizing marijuana, according to a 2018 Gallup poll. This wide acceptance provides an opportunity, and the marijuana industry seems likely to enjoy more growth and potential profitability.

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