From Greener Grass to Better Pulled Pork — 46 Amazing Uses for Coca-Cola

It may not be your beverage of choice — or maybe it is — but there are many excellent reasons besides a cool drink to keep it around the house.

Old fashioned CocaCola pickup truck on a city streetMassimo Vernicesole /

It’s hard to imagine a world without Coca-Cola. The iconic beverage, invented in 1886 by Atlanta pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton, is available just about everywhere you can travel. Today more than 1.9 billion servings are sold annually throughout the world. Mostly, of course, those sales are for Coke as a beverage.

But as it turns out, Coke is useful for myriad tasks — from de-skunking your dog to shining your copper cooking pots. And the fact that it you can get it almost anywhere means it can help you with all sorts of problems in all sorts of places.

Consider these alternate uses for Coca-Cola, but remember we haven’t tested all of them.

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