These 10 Jobs Are Disappearing the Fastest

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Laid-off worker
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A rash of recent layoffs and a softening economy have left many workers fearful about the future.

Indeed, nearly 1 in 4 jobs — 23% — are expected to change through growth or decline over the next five years, according to the World Economic Forum’s latest biannual Future of Jobs report.

Some career paths are expected to rapidly decline during that period. Employer surveys at more than 800 companies suggest that the following jobs will disappear the fastest, according to the report.

10. Door-to-door sales workers, news and street vendors, and related workers

News vendor
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The old-fashioned ways of doing things — selling items door-to-door or hawking newspapers on the street — are disappearing fast. And so are the jobs that go with them, including door-to-door sales workers, news and street vendors, and related workers.

9. Statistical, finance and insurance clerks

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Statistical, finance and insurance clerks are responsible for compiling and computing information such as statistical or actuarial data. They also might be charged with clerical tasks at businesses such as insurance companies and banks.

8. Legislators and officials

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Many people in the world probably cheer the thought of fewer politicians. But if you are a legislator or official — or have trained for such a position — dwindling opportunities are certainly a negative.

7. Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerks

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Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerks produce financial records and check them for accuracy. A command of basic math is a key skill in these jobs.

6. Material-recording and stock-keeping clerks

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Among other tasks, material-recording clerks track inventory and help keep supply chains working. Stock-keeping clerks make sure shelves are stocked and products are in their proper place in a store.

5. Administrative and executive secretaries

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Administrative and executive secretaries help their bosses by performing research, preparing reports and arranging meetings. They also might be in charge of lower-level staff.

4. Data entry clerks

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Data entry clerks compile and sort through data, then enter the information into a database. Good organizational skills and attention to details are keys to success in this field.

3. Cashiers and ticket clerks

Cashier in the supermarket
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Cashiers help us complete our purchases in stores, restaurants and other locations. Ticket clerks help us gain admission to events such as movies, concerts and sporting events.

2. Postal service clerk

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Postal service clerks are responsible for many tasks associated with U.S. Postal Service mail, including receiving and sorting it. They also might sell stamps and stamped envelopes.

1. Bank tellers and related clerks

Bank teller
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Bank tellers and related clerks help people complete financial transactions. For example, they might cash checks or deposit money. Some clerks might also be responsible for things such as collecting loan payments.

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