20 of the Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs

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Are you tossing around the idea of adding freelance work to your resume?

Perhaps you’re considering launching a freelance business as your primary source of income. Or, maybe you want to add some income to boost your retirement, save for vacation, or get ahead financially.

Whatever the reason you’re exploring the highest-paying freelance jobs, you want to build your skill set and business with intention, and it’s a strategic business move to carefully analyze where your interests, skills, and a lucrative paycheck overlap.

To help you start planning your freelance business, we’ve gathered top-paying freelance jobs that offer a median hourly pay well above the average pay for most occupations. So, pull up a chair, and let’s explore how you can turn your skills into serious earnings.

While you consider freelance jobs online, remember that freelance compensation can vary widely based on experience, skill level, project complexity, and geographical location.

Keep these factors in mind as you’re narrowing down your list of the best-paying freelance jobs.

1. Accountant

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As an accountant, you’ll maintain financial records and transactions for companies of every size. Tasks range from managing ledgers, overseeing profit and loss, and creating financial reports.

A bachelor’s degree is required, and CPA certification will help you earn more.

Median pay: $37.50 per hour

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2. Bookkeeper

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Bookkeepers record financial transactions, manage bank reconciliations, and prepare financial statements.

A high school diploma or equivalent is usually required for bookkeeping jobs, but some employers prefer candidates with an associate’s degree in accounting or related fields.

Median pay: $22.05 per hour

3. Business Consultant

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With a keen analytical mind and top-tier problem-solving skills, business consultants are essential to many modern business plans. They advise companies on strategies to improve efficiency and maximize profits.

Median pay: $45.81 per hour

4. Computer Support Specialist

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When a technical hitch threatens a business’s operations, support is not just appreciated — it’s essential.

Freelance IT and computer support professionals who troubleshoot and maintain systems on short notice are indispensable.

Median pay: $28.68 per hour

5. Copywriter

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Words are the lifeblood of the modern digital economy, and those who can master them with skill and finesse can secure high-paying freelance jobs.

Specialist medical writers and proposal writers often see their efforts richly compensated.

Median pay: $35.17 per hour

6. Data Scientist

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Culling big data into digestible insights is a job for data scientists.

Their freelance work varies from research to predictive modeling, with companies prepared to invest significantly to uncover strategies hidden within their data.

Median pay: $49.76 per hour

7. Editor

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Editors ensure content is well-written and error-free, and their skills are in high demand in every industry from publishing to social media.

Freelance editors can find work in various fields, including books, magazines, websites, and more. Anywhere there are written words, there is a need for polish and clarity.

Median pay: $35.14 per hour

8. Graphic Designer

Graphic design
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Graphic designers with a few years of experience, a quality portfolio, and a freelance focus are in high demand.

Every business needs visual design, making graphic design a lucrative and promising career.

Median pay: $27.88 per hour

9. Marketing Manager

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In the highly competitive digital space, businesses are willing to pay a pretty penny for strategic marketing advice.

A freelance marketer‘s ability to create comprehensive marketing plans, improve online presence, and analyze digital metrics is in demand, making this a fast-growing freelance job.

Median pay: $66.70 per hour

10. Mobile Developer

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Mobile developers create, test, and maintain mobile applications for various devices.

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, this freelance role is in high demand and is often one of the top-paying freelance jobs.

Median pay: $59.71 per hour

11. Public Relations Manager

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Public relations (PR) managers maintain the public image of large businesses, nonprofit organizations, or solo entrepreneur brands.

PR managers work with media outlets to share press releases and handle public images. Typically, five or more years of experience is desired to work as a PR manager.

Median pay: $60.40 per hour

12. Project Manager

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Project managers plan, organize, and oversee projects from start to finish.

In the freelance world, project manager jobs can be found in a variety of industries, such as IT, construction, marketing, and more.

Median pay: $45.85 per hour

13. Security Analyst

Remote security analyst
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Cybersecurity is a vital concern for businesses in today’s increasingly digital world. Security analysts are sought after to assess and fortify systems, often charging top dollar for their expertise.

Median pay: $53.85 per hour

14. Software Developer

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As businesses clamor for digital solutions, the need for skilled developers has skyrocketed.

Software developers who specialize in anything from mobile apps to machine learning are well-poised to negotiate significant fees.

Median pay: $59.71 per hour

15. Technical Writer

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A technical writer with a few years of experience and certifications related to their expertise can command some of the highest-paying online jobs.

Technical writing jobs involve clarifying complex technical information in documents like instruction manuals, handbooks, and technical business documents.

Median pay: $38.44 per hour

16. Translator

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In a globalized economy, the ability to bridge language barriers is invaluable.

Freelance translators play a crucial role in international communication, earning substantial rates for their linguistic acumen and cross-cultural expertise.

Median pay: $25.79 per hour

17. Video Editor

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As the importance of video content grows, so does the demand for video editing jobs.

With their creative flair and technical skills, freelance video editors can earn high rates by working with businesses and individuals to produce captivating visual media.

Median pay: $30.01 per hour

18. Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistants at the executive level support high-profile individuals or boutique firms, managing their schedules, emails, and correspondence and ensuring the smooth running of their professional lives.

Median pay: $21.19 per hour

19. Web Designer

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Web designers create websites, taking responsibility for the look and functionality of a site to match a company’s branding.

Web designers write code and use programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript. They also strategically include graphics and audio to meet client needs.

Median pay: $38.81 per hour

20. Web Developer

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Slightly different than the design role, web developers focus on the code and functionality of a website.

Freelance developers specialize in front-end, back-end, or full-stack development by using coding and security expertise to create safe, fast websites.

Median pay: $38.81 per hour

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