6 Pharmacies That Offer Prescriptions for $4 a Month — or Less

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A pharmacist talking to a customer about their prescription medication.
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Inflation is still hurting Americans, and rising medical costs can’t be helping.

There were about 600 price hikes on medications in January 2024 alone — while some 1,400 drugs saw increased prices in 2023.

Depending on your prescriptions and where you live, however, you can find some solid savings.

Some pharmacies are offering 30-day supplies of many generic prescription drugs for $4 or less and 90-day supplies for $10 or less.

Take a look at the following pharmacies and see if your prescriptions have made it onto their lists.


Walmart store in Ridgecrest, California
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Walmart offers one month of various generic medications for situations ranging from diabetes to mental health for only $4. You also can purchase 90-day supplies of some medications for $10 — about $3.33 per month.

No membership or health insurance is required to qualify for these prices — although the retailer does offer a Walmart+ membership, which gives you access to discounts on other types of purchases, from gasoline to streaming TV.

Sam’s Club

Sam's Club
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You have to be a Sam’s Club member to benefit from their pharmacy deals. If you’re already a Club or Plus member, or willing to become one, then you can purchase select generic medications for as little as $4 per 30-day supply.

Plus members are also eligible to get hundreds of generic medications for $10 per 90-day supply (about $3.33 per month) — and get a handful of generics completely free.

Health insurance is not necessary to get any of these discounts, just the applicable type of Sam’s Club membership.


H-E-B store in Texas.
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According to H-E-B’s list of prescriptions, shoppers can get a 30-day supply of many generic medications for $4 and a 90-supply for $10 (which comes out to about $3.33 per month.)

You don’t have to sign up for a membership to take advantage of this deal. You also don’t need health insurance to get the discounted prices, as is the case at all pharmacies mentioned in this article.


A Hy-Vee.
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Hy-Vee categorizes medications for its prescription program. Category 1A prescriptions are available in a 30-day supply for $4 or a 90-day supply for $10. Generic drugs for more than 10 kinds of health situations are included in this category. Drugs in the other categories are more expensive.

You don’t need a membership or health insurance to get these prices.


Target store
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Target provides a lengthy list of all the medications they offer in a 30-day supply for $4 and 90-day supply for $10. Their list also includes a handful of generic medications available for $9 and $24, respectively.

Like many others on this list, you don’t need any sort of membership for these prices, and the discounts are available regardless of whether you have insurance.


Kroger storefront
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Kroger is in the midst of changing its discount prescription drug program.

The Kroger Rx Savings Club ends July 1, 2024. But, while it’s still here, members can get certain generic prescriptions for just $3 per 30-day supply or $6 per 90-day supply, and a few medications are free.

The newer program is the Kroger Health Savings Club, which anyone can join for $36 per year. A family plan (covering up to six people and pets) is available for $72 per year. Under this program, you “unlock 100s of free and $3 drugs for your family,” Kroger says.

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