The Top 4 Retirement Dreams Couples Share

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, many older couples might spend a little time discussing the dreams they have for retirement.

While the visions of couples do not always coincide, there are some goals that are common to most unions, according to the 2024 Couples & Money Study from Fidelity Investments.

As part of the survey, 1,794 couples were asked to share their retirement dreams. Well over half of couples agreed on the following grand visions for their golden years.

Lots of travel

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Surveyed couples whose vision for retirement includes this: 63%

From the time retirement became a “thing,” the thrill of imagining years full of endless travel has been a core part of the post-work dream.

After decades of being chained to a desk, your golden years are the time to finally get out and explore the globe. To get started on your itinerary, check out these “20 Great Retirement Travel Ideas.”

Engaging in hobbies

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Surveyed couples whose vision for retirement includes this: 63%

Some people worry that without a job, they will quickly become bored with life. That is less of a concern for those who have hobbies.

For these folks, retirement offers the priceless gift of more time to pursue their passions. If you don’t have hobbies now, remember that it is never too late to discover new pastimes. You will find some ideas in “26 Big Ideas for What To Do in Retirement.”

Spending time with family and friends

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Surveyed couples whose vision for retirement includes this: 77%

Travel and hobbies are great, but nothing compares to spending more time with the people we love.

From longer lunches with good friends to more frequent vacations to visit loved ones in other states, retirement opens new opportunities to strengthen old bonds.

Relaxing at home

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Surveyed couples whose vision for retirement includes this: 77%

After a lifetime of often frenzied activity, retirement is the time to relax. Just over three-quarters of couples are hoping for an idyllic period of life when they can kick up their feet and enjoy life at home.

If you want a relaxing retirement later, you might be well-served by stressing out a bit today. Confused? You won’t be after reading “How to Use Stress to Create a Happy and Relaxed Retirement.”

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