10 Summer Essentials to Grab at Costco

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Costco sunglasses
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There are Costco staples that members can always look forward to, like the rotisserie chickens and food court hotdogs.

As the seasons come and go, so do some of Costco’s products. As spring runs its course, the warehouse’s summer essentials are ready to go.

Here’s what we think you should look for the next time you’re at Costco.

1. Swimwear

Two kids swimming in the pool.
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This summer is projected to be a hot one, so get ready to cool off with a nice jump in the pool.

Costco has a variety of swimsuit options for adults and kids. These swim trunks, for example, come in four color choices and have both an elastic band and larger sizes. There are also one-pieces, rash guards and even swimming skorts. Some swimsuits come in plus sizes as well.

Kids’ swimsuits come in youth and UV-protected toddler sizes.

2. Sunglasses and hats

Kirkland Signature sunglasses at Costco
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Costco is selling half a dozen styles of sunglasses this season. Many of these options are polarized, which provides extra protection from the sun’s glare.

Keep both your skin and your eyes covered with a hat. Costco offers bucket hats (branded and unbranded), a fedora and a straw hat.

3. Mosquito protection

Bug spray
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Pesky mosquitos and other insects are a surefire way to interrupt outdoor summer fun. Costco provides a few different repellent methods for members.

First, of course, are traditional sprays. This Murphy’s spray relies on natural, plant-based ingredients. This OFF! spray from SC Johnson uses 25% DEET.

There are other methods that don’t require skin contact. This includes solar-powered UV pathway lights that will attract and zap bugs. Other no-touch options are a hanging lantern with the same light-and-zap method or this device that dispenses bug repellent over a 20-foot zone.

4. Sunscreen

Banana Boat sunscreen at Costco
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Sunscreen is a must in the summer to prevent sunburn and decrease skin cancer risk. It’s also a great year-round product to protect your skin and prevent premature skin aging.

Costco’s sunscreen selection this year includes face-specific sunscreen as well as name-brand all-over body products.

5. Shade

A backyard pool with chairs and an umbrella.
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Escape the summer heat and glaring sun with some proper shade. This can go further than just an umbrella at the beach. Costco is ready to help set your home up for summer temps too.

Members can cover their outdoor spaces with gazebos, awnings and stationary umbrellas. Keeping cool isn’t just for outdoor activities though. Using window coverings can take some pressure off your A/C and help keep cooling costs down.

6. Beach towels

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Get ready to dry off from your water adventures with Costco’s beach towels. Most of their selection is 100% cotton, including one option that is 100% Turkish cotton.

7. Coolers

Man brings cooler over to group of friends at the beach.
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It’s important to stay hydrated in the heat, and Costco has a collection of traditional coolers to help keep your drinks refreshingly chilled. Other options include a cooler backpack that can hold 26 cans and a cooler with built-in Bluetooth speakers.

8. Grills

A Kirkland Signature gas grill at Costco
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Costco’s selection of BBQs and grills can help anyone live out their grilling fantasies. Options range from a large grill setup to portable grills. Or, drop the delivery apps and DIY your dinners with a pizza oven.

9. Water sports gear

Surfboard at Costco
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Make the most of the summer weather by spending time outside when you can.

Costco will help you stay afloat with kid- and adult-size life jackets. There’s a selection of pool noodles and floats, and members can also find towable float options for some speedy fun. Keep the fun going at home with a large, blow-up sprinkler for kids.

Check out Costco’s snorkeling gear sets before your next trip to the beach. They have two options, one cheaper than the other. For outdoor treks, you can gear up with paddle boards and kayaks.

10. Camping gear

Orange camping tent next to a lake
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There’s nothing like spending a summer night with chirping critters and a fire ready for s’mores.

Costco provides the basic camping necessities like lanterns, but it also carries some more luxurious camping items like an inflatable couch and a six-person tent. Get the whole family in with a bunk bed cot, then keep clean with a portable shower.

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