The 10 Best and 10 Worst States to Live In if You’re Rich

Being rich isn't only about what you earn. A new study rates the states where the wealthy can get the most bang for their bucks.

10. New York


Wall Street, amirite? Yet interestingly, New York’s top 10 percent income level ($114,750) is not number one in the nation. That’s one of the reasons that the Empire State isn’t the best place in the country to be rich. In fact, it’s only the 10th best.

In addition, New York is among the worst states for taxing the rich, with a top bracket of 8.82 percent.

However, here’s a fact that will probably surprise you: It has the second-lowest property crime rate in the country. (Remember, New York state is far more than just the five boroughs of New York City.)


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