The Company That Tops World Reputation Rating — and 34 More Vying for Top Spot

From cereal-makers to car companies, here are the 35 businesses Americans trust most.

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Joan Jett famously sang that she’s never gonna care about her bad reputation, and good for her. But it’s different with giant companies. Since 1999, Harris Poll’s Reputation Quotient research has quantified the reputation ratings for the 100 most visible companies.

In 20-minute interviews, more than 4,000 Americans are asked for their opinion on which major companies have the best (and worst) reputations. The responses are distilled, and an RQ score developed for each company. The maximum score is 100, though in reality, the highest score given this year was 83.22. (Nobody’s perfect, after all.)

And Joan Jett aside, reputations do matter. They help companies recruit and retain good employees and project an image to would-be customers about whether they are the kind of businesses with whom they’d like to spend their money.

We reveal the top 35 companies below, beginning with No. 35 and working up to a very familiar No. 1.


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