The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in the World in 2023

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Lately, it’s not easy to feel optimistic about the future of the job market.

Layoffs are increasing, experts are predicting a recession, and we’re told almost daily that artificial intelligence soon will put us all out of work.

In some ways, the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2023 only adds fuel to our fire of worry. The forum predicts that during the next five years, 69 million new jobs will be created, but 83 million will disappear.

That is a net loss of 14 million jobs, equally about 2% of current employment.

Yet, the forum’s report notes that some jobs will be in much higher demand. It based its findings on employer surveys at more than 800 companies.

If you are looking for a new career, you might want to consider the following jobs, which are expected to be the fastest-growing in the world in 2023.

10. Digital transformation specialists

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When a company wants to make a big technological change to the organization, it might hire a digital transformation specialist to help find the right plan and method of achieving its goal.

Sometimes these workers are employed full time by the company. In other situations, they are hired as contractors.

9. Agricultural equipment operators

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An agricultural equipment operator uses equipment to perform duties ranging from tilling the soil to planting and harvesting crops. These workers also might feed or herd livestock and perform other jobs.

8. Electrotechnology engineers

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Electrotechnology engineers “conduct research on and design, advise, plan and direct the construction and operation of electronic, electrical and telecommunications systems, components, motors, and equipment,” according to

7. Robotics engineers

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Robotics engineers help build robots and robotic systems. They need a thorough understanding of mechanical engineering and computer science.

6. Data analysts and specialists

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A data specialist is in charge of storing and managing data. On the other hand, a data analyst interprets and analyzes such data to help businesses solve problems or strategize.

5. Fintech engineers

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Fintech engineers create, test and maintain financial software. The must understand computer programming languages and be good at solving problems. “Fintech” is short for financial technology.

4. Information security analysts

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An information security analyst is in charge of implementing security measures that keep a company’s computer networks and systems safe. These workers often work for computer firms or business and financial companies.

3. Business intelligence analysts

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A business intelligence analyst pores over data and creates finance and market intelligence reports. This information helps a business fine-tune operations and set goals.

2. Sustainability specialists

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Sustainability specialists help businesses to achieve “green” building goals. For example, they might offer insights into the right path for a business to reach its sustainability aims.

1. AI and machine learning specialists

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists help businesses use cutting-edge technologies to improve productivity and to gain a competitive edge. Given recent trends, these jobs are especially likely to be in demand for a while to come.

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