6 Tiny Houses You Can Buy on Amazon

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Touring a tiny house on television is one thing. Taking the leap to invest in one is something else entirely. If you’ve given it any consideration, you know that the biggest upside to downsizing is the cost benefit.

With a fraction of the square footage, it makes sense that these petite palaces are significantly less expensive to buy and maintain than traditional homes. But what may surprise you is how easy it is to get your hands on a tiny house.

These days, it’s as simple as shopping online — and then building it.

Following are several tiny homes currently for sale on Amazon. Each purchase is a DIY construction kit with materials and instructions. Some of the simpler log cabins take as little as three days to erect once the kit arrives, while others may require more time and more expertise.

Either way, you won’t have to find a real estate agent or haggle with homeowners. Your new dream home — or weekend retreat — is waiting for you online.

Unsure if tiny living is right for you? Check out “7 Ways to Know You’re Ready for a Tiny House” first.

Note: Prices posted here are current as of the publication date.

Ranger Cabin

Allwood / Amazon

If you’re going tiny for environmental reasons, the Allwood Ranger Cabin is an eco-smart choice. You’ll use every bit of the 259 square feet of first-floor living space for your couch, kitchenette and bathroom. Meanwhile, the 168-square-foot loft will serve as your cozy sleeping space.

However, the best part about this cabin is what’s on the outside. Its large, angled roof is ideal for installing solar panels, Allwood says, so you can cut down on your energy expenditure.

Cost: $19,990

The Kemah

Titan Park Models / Amazon

Downsize to Titan Park Models’ Kemah tiny house and you won’t sacrifice anything but total square footage.

This 399-square-foot model comes standard with pine accents, tile flooring and a decorative barn door. The vaulted ceilings give the illusion of even more space, while the covered front porch gives you more actual living area.

One bummer: The manufacturer currently ships only to Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico — and shipping costs an extra $4,800.

Cost: $51,500

Avalon Cabin

Allwood / Amazon

Like other Allwood cabins, the Avalon model has solid-wood construction. You can see the exposed beams inside and outside, giving it that quintessential cabin charm.

This particular model has thicker-than-usual wall planks, so it’s a suitable selection for colder climates like Maine or Montana.

The Avalon also has a larger footprint for a tiny house. It provides 540 square feet on the main floor plus 218 square feet of loft space that serves as a second bedroom for family or friends.

Cost: $32,990

Richmond Barn

BestBarns / Amazon

When it comes to farmhouse design, there’s nothing more authentic than a barn.

BestBarns’ Richmond Barn gives you two stories of living space to customize to your needs. In fact, the 16-by-28-foot structure is designed like a storage shed but sturdy enough to be a second home or onsite office.

The best part about turning this kit into your home is you get to decide how many windows you want, where walls will go up and whether your bathroom gets a trendy barn door.

Cost: From $11,495, depending on the seller

The Cozumel

Titan Park Models / Amazon

While some people tow their cars on vacation, you’ll be towing an entire house. Titan Park Models’ Cozumel design is like having a 399-square-foot hotel suite on wheels. Take it wherever you go for guaranteed accommodations with amenities to boot.

You get one bedroom big enough for a queen-sized mattress, a bathroom that’s suited for a double vanity, a living room with high ceilings and a full kitchen that has more storage than some apartments.

Cost: $64,900

Timberline Cabin

Allwood / Amazon

All those precious memories from summer camp will bubble up when you take a look at Allwood’s Timberline Cabin.

Not only does it have a side-to-side front porch for greeting guests, but the pitched roof houses a 129-square-foot loft pulled straight from every kid’s dream home. The grown-up in you, however, will get to customize the 354 square feet on the main floor, adding bathroom and kitchen as desired.

Cost: $34,900

What’s your take on tiny houses? Sound off by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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