What the 20 Largest American Companies Make Every Day, 365 Days a Year

These companies make more on a Sunday afternoon than you'll make in a lifetime.

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Amazon may be dominating the headlines and on Wall Street, but it’s still Walmart that leads the retail sector when it comes to profits.

Walmart turned a profit of $14.7 billion in its latest fiscal year. That averages out to more than $40 million per day — including weekends.

Amazon, by comparison, nets about $1.6 million per day on average, based on the company’s financials for its most recently completed fiscal year.

We analyzed the latest annual financials of America’s 20 largest companies to find out what they net in a single day.

The largest companies were determined based on their rank in the latest Fortune 500 list, which is based on revenue — essentially, gross income.

We then used net income to determine each company’s daily profit.

As it turns out, even though Walmart tops the list for its revenue — and has a commanding lead over Amazon in terms of profit — the big box retailer is not the most profitable company in the top 20. Far from it.


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