36 Things That Soon Will Disappear From Your Life

Adapt, my friends: The writing is on the wall for dozens of things many of us have grown up with.

Prostock-studio / Shutterstock.com

When’s the last time you popped in a cassette tape? Rented a movie at a video store? Wrote a check for groceries? Maybe you still do some — or all — of these things, but chances are, you’ve replaced many of what used to be common, everyday activities with more technologically updated trends.

It can be tough to believe that many of the things we once considered essential could one day disappear. Laura Ingalls Wilder couldn’t foresee the end of the covered wagon era back when she was crossing the prairie in one either. But as the co-author of two books about faded childhood trends — “Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?” and “The Totally Sweet ’90s” — I can assure you, obsolescence is always grabbing on to new victims. It’ll surprise you when it’s one of your favorite things, honest it will.

Here’s a look at 36 things that are still with us, yet are slowly but surely fading from everyday use.


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