Money in pocket
The 7 Most Valuable Deductions and Goodies That Survived Tax Reform

on April 6, 2018

Here are the biggest and best benefits that will continue — and the breaks that became even more generous.

tax return
3 Reasons to Skip This Common But Costly Tax-Filing Move

on March 26, 2018

There are several ways to submit your income tax return to the IRS — but one route is much riskier than the others.

tax return
Just Weeks Left to Grab These 4 ‘Green’ Tax Credits

on March 21, 2018

These federal income tax breaks were recently extended — but only for this tax season. Here’s how to cash in on them by Uncle Sam’s deadline.

filing taxes online
3 Popular Tax Breaks Extended for 2017 Returns

on March 19, 2018

These tax-reducing measures were just renewed — but only for one year. Here’s how to cash in on them by the April deadline.

health savings
You’re Almost Out of Time to Stash Cash in This Tax-Free Account

on March 15, 2018

If you want to avoid paying taxes on a nice chunk of change now and in the future, heed this contribution deadline.

IRS Warns of New Scams That Target Your Tax Refund
IRS Warns of New Scams That Target Your Tax Refund

on March 6, 2018

You may be more likely than ever to fall victim to an evolving tax scheme. Find out how to avoid it.

no cash
4 Major Tax Deductions Most Americans Foolishly Pass Up

on February 28, 2018

Many taxpayers skip these federal income tax breaks, believing them to be illegal. Are you overpaying Uncle Sam, too?

This Sneaky Scam Puts Your Tax Refund at Risk

on February 15, 2018

A growing number of taxpayers are potentially falling victim to a new twist on an old scam. Here’s how to protect your refund money.

Tax refund check coming out of mailbox
10 Cities Where Taxpayers Receive the Fattest Refund Checks

on February 10, 2018

Factors that influence the size of your federal income tax refund include the area you call home.

Tax form and money
4 Tax Credits That Can Put Money in Your Pocket This Year

on February 7, 2018

If you’re eligible for these federal income tax credits, Uncle Sam might owe you as much as $6,318 on your 2017 return.

3 Big Ways the Tax Overhaul Will Affect Your 2018 Tax Return
3 Big Ways the Tax Overhaul Will Affect Your 2018 Tax Return

on January 25, 2018

You stand to see a tax cut when you file your 2018 federal income taxes. But filing that return will be anything but simple due to these changes.

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