The 11 Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Boosting Productivity

Using keyboard shortcuts saves you precious time when working on a computer. Here are 11 hotkeys that can increase your productivity.

The 11 Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Boosting Productivity Photo by CHALITSA HONGTONG /

Most people who work on a computer save time by employing several keyboard shortcuts.

For example, it’s faster to hit “Ctrl + S” on your keyboard than to use your mouse to find the “save” button from the drop-down menu.

But with a seemingly endless list of keyboard shortcuts available, it can be a challenge to find and remember the best shortcuts, often known as “hotkeys.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to tax your memorization capabilities. Last year, Consumer Reports compiled a list of “the most useful keyboard shortcuts you’ll ever learn.” These shortcuts are an easy way to improve your computer efficiency. The first shortcut listed is for PCs, and the second one is for Macs.

  • Print: Control (Ctrl) + P; Command (⌘) + P
  • Copy: Ctrl + C; ⌘ + C
  • Paste: Ctrl + V; ⌘ + V
  • Save: Ctrl + S; ⌘ + S
  • Open new windows: Ctrl + N; ⌘ + N
  • Open new tabs: Ctrl + T; ⌘ + T
  • Hide windows: Windows key + M; ⌘ + Option + H + M
  • Screen shot: Windows key + Print Screen (or Windows key + Ctrl + Print Screen on older PCs); ⌘ + Shift + 3
  • Force quit an application: Ctrl + Alt + Esc to open Task Manager; ⌘ + Option + Esc.
  • Search: Windows key + S; ⌘ + Space

Although the shortcut for “undo” wasn’t included in CR’s list, it’s by far my favorite shortcut to use, so I’ve included it here:

  • Ctrl + Z; ⌘ + Z

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts? Share below or on Facebook.

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