The Best and Worst Things to Buy in January 2018

Yes, the holiday sales are over, but some even better deals show up in post-holiday sales. Here's a look at the best bargains of the month.

3 Purchases to put off

And speaking of the wrong time of the year, here are some purchases we recommend you delay if you can. You can get a better deal on these later in the year.

1. Smartphones

You’ll typically find current-generation smartphones discounted when the newest models are released — with especially good deals on used phones as everyone ditches their smartphone to grab a new one. And we don’t expect any notable phone releases soon.

While CES in January usually has a flurry of tech unveilings, Samsung has already denied that the anticipated Galaxy S9 will be announced this month. What’s more, new iPhones are traditionally announced in September. You can, however, find some good deals on less popular Android brands and older iPhones.

For now, do yourself a favor, and check out how you can use your cellphone more efficiently: “6 Cellphone Secrets That Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars a Year.”

2. Computers

While you may want to start off the new year with a speedier computer, deals are few and far between in January. In fact, the only time of year you’ll find fewer bargains on laptops is September, after the last back to school sales have ended.

3. TVs

There are some TV sales this time of year, perhaps driven in part by demand for high-end TVs for watching the Super Bowl in February. However, most TV deals happen in November. If you can hold off on a new TV until then, you’ll find three times the number of Editors’ Choice-worthy sales on televisions. Black Friday, in particular, is a hotbed of TV bargains.

Top 5 Stores to Shop in January

If you’re more interested in where to shop than what to buy, these stores sported the best Editors’ Choice deals last January — and we expect the same this year!

Macy’s: Look for towels and bedding at up to 70 percent off. Plus, shop plenty of good clothing sales, including up to 70 percent off menswear.

Amazon: While there will be deals at Amazon in almost every product category, last year it offered more Editors’ Choice clothing deals than anyone else.

Lowe’s: This was the place to buy holiday items last year, with up to 85 percent off.

Best Buy: If you just have to buy a TV in January, Best Buy offered the best deals, with brand-name 55-inch 4K screens for around $500.

eBay: While there aren’t many sales on electronics and smartphones this time of year, eBay is the place to look if you want them. Last year, the site offered the best deals we’d seen on older model iPhones, with up to $280 off. Even if you aren’t interested in electronics, eBay had more Editors’ Choice deals than any other retailer last January.

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