The Best Deals on Cellphone Plans for College Students

The Best Deals on Cellphone Plans for College Students
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Aside from the all-you-can eat cereal bar in the dorms, some of the best perks of being a college student are the awesome discounts you get from flashing your student I.D. Cellphone plans for students should be no different. With the deals and options listed below, college students can leave the nest and the family cellphone plan without breaking the bank.

There are several options when it comes to choosing a college student’s cellphone. Whether it’s a limited data plan from a smaller carrier or an unlimited plan from a major carrier, there are plenty of wireless values to be found.

Here are the best college student cellphone plans around:

Republic Wireless

This carrier keeps its prices down by using Wi-Fi to keep your data usage low. Republic Wireless will default to Wi-Fi whenever possible, and when a Wi-Fi network is unavailable the carrier will rely on either Sprint or T-Mobile network cellular coverage. Because campuses often have ample public Wi-Fi coverage, this is a great low-cost option for college students. There’s a range of data options, with prices starting at $15 per month.

Cricket Wireless

Owned by AT&T, Cricket Wireless offers the top-notch coverage of its parent company at bargain prices. Another perk is that all taxes, fees and surcharges are included in its pricing so your college student can count on paying the same amount month after month. Offering both set data plans and unlimited data, there are plenty of low-priced plans that do not sacrifice value.


Branding itself as the carrier of the people, T-Mobile offers a well-priced, unlimited data plan backed up by a solid coast-to-coast network ranked No. 1 by Open Signal. Regardless of where the college campus is located, your student is likely to have stellar coverage and plenty of data. Plus, the “Un-carrier” offers free Tuesday deals via its app that may be an extra help to the “starving” student.

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