These Are the 9 Best Phone Deals for Black Friday

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Back in the day, Black Friday used to be a singular day when people would stampede each other for discounts on DVDs. But we’ve evolved to the point where Black Friday deals usually apply for the entire second half of November.

We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday deals in the cellphone and wireless space.

Best AT&T Black Friday cellphone deals

Get the iPhone 13 for free with AT&T

Unsurprisingly, the best Black Friday deals in the world of wireless revolve around the iPhone 13. AT&T offers a deal (that’s active right now) in which you get $800 off a new iPhone 13, essentially paying for the device.

To qualify for the deal, you need to trade in your old phone and either upgrade your existing plan or start a new unlimited plan on AT&T.

Once you cross off all those boxes, the last thing you need to do is opt into a phone payment plan. Your phone payment will automatically be discounted every month.

Check out your options for a free iPhone 13 from AT&T below:

Get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 free with AT&T

It’s the same deal with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, except you can get $1,000 off as opposed to $800 off. Again, this essentially pays off the device and nets you a free Galaxy Z Flip3 from AT&T.

For the record, I used the Galaxy Z Flip3 for a few weeks while reviewing the device, and can report that flipping and folding the screen is very satisfying.

Best T-Mobile Black Friday cellphone deals

Get the iPhone 13 Pro for free with T-Mobile

T-Mobile actually ups the ante compared with AT&T and offers up to $1,000 off your iPhone 13 device. This means you can get the fancier iPhone 13 Pro for free if you trade in your old device and start a new unlimited plan on T-Mobile or upgrade your existing line.

Get $500 off the iPhone 13 and get $800 off a second iPhone 13

Alternatively, if you and your partner (or brother, sister, whoever) both want to upgrade to the iPhone 13, T-Mobile also has a deal that gets you $500 off the iPhone 13 and a BOGO deal that gets you $800 off on the second iPhone 13.

All in all, that makes for about $1,300 worth of savings on two iPhone 13 devices.

Free Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 with trade-in

For those that prefer Android devices, you can also get a free Galaxy Z Flip3 device from T-Mobile this Black Friday. Just the other day I saw a person using the Galaxy Z Flip3, and I instantly felt jealous (despite owning an iPhone 13 Pro Max).

If you want to try out Samsung’s novel new device, you can get it for free on the Magenta Max unlimited plan. In this case, you don’t need to be a new T-Mobile customer to take full advantage of the deal.

You can actually still get a deal even if you opt for a cheaper T-Mobile unlimited plan. Turns out you’ll get 50% off a new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (not as good as free, but still pretty good), plus you can get $800 off a second device if you have another eligible line on your family plan.

Best Verizon Black Friday cellphone deals

Get the iPhone 13 for free with Verizon

If AT&T and T-Mobile are both offering deals on the iPhone 13, you can bet that Verizon is also offering a deal on the iPhone 13 for Black Friday.

Verizon matches T-Mobile and offers $1,000 off any iPhone 13 device. That means you can either get the iPhone 13 mini or base iPhone for free, or you can get a massively discounted iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max.

No matter what version of the iPhone 13 calls your name, you can get it for way cheaper than usual on Verizon.

It’s the usual rules to qualify for this deal as well: You need to trade in your old device, switch or upgrade on Verizon, and purchase the phone via monthly installments.

Here’s what the Verizon plans would cost you every month:

$800 off Samsung Galaxy S21

If you prefer the Android OS, you can also get a huge discount on the Samsung Galaxy S21. To get the full $800 discount, you’ll need to trade in your old device and start a new unlimited line on Verizon.

If you’re already on Verizon, you can upgrade your plan and get up to $440 off. Sadly, not as good of a deal for current customers, but if you’re looking for an excuse to switch to Verizon, this is as good as it gets.

Just like the other cellphone deals, you’ll purchase your new phone with monthly installments and your phone payment will automatically be paid for over the course of two years. Here’s what the Verizon plans, combined with the phone deal, would cost you every month:

Best prepaid Black Friday deals

Typically, smaller prepaid carriers don’t offer big Black Friday deals on new devices. Rather, you’re more likely to find free or discounted months of cell service. That being said, we actually do have an iPhone 13 deal for you.

Get up to $300 off an iPhone 13 from Metro by T-Mobile

It’s pretty rare to find this good of a deal on a brand-new phone from a smaller carrier. Since Metro is a prepaid carrier, your iPhone 13 will automatically be unlocked, so you can take that iPhone 13 to a different carrier if you wanted to switch from Metro.

To qualify for the deal, you’ll need to trade in your old phone, sign up for a Metro by T-Mobile plan, and port in your phone number. Here are all the Metro plans that can get you $300 off a new iPhone 13:

Get three months of service for free from Mint Mobile

One of the best deals you’ll find in the prepaid carrier space is Mint Mobile’s 3-for-3 deal. If you buy three months of Mint Mobile unlimited service, you get three months of service for free. At that price, you get unlimited data for $15 per month, which is an unbeatable price.

Once your six months of service ends, it’ll only cost you $40 to renew for another three months. Mint Mobile already offered a super cheap unlimited plan, but combined with this Black Friday deal, it gets ridiculous. If you’ve been looking for a cheap unlimited plan, Mint Mobile offers tons of value.

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