The Best Things to Buy in February — and Purchases to Wait On

Here's where to look for Valentine's Day gifts, Presidents Day deals and more this month.

Hold off on these purchases if you possibly can:


The Apple rumor mill is already churning, and one report we keep seeing is the possibility of a cheaper iPad early this year. Those in the know believe it could be another 9.7-inch model for as little as $259, which would move Apple toward the more-affordable end of the tablet pool. The company may announce new models in March, so it’s best to hold off until then to see what Apple is planning for 2018. It introduced a new iPad last March, so another update could be announced around that time this year.

iPhone X

This member of the iPhone family already came with a hefty price tag, and while there was a lot of hype, that hasn’t carried through. While we have seen better deals than expected on the iPhones in general, that hasn’t made the X any more affordable. Given the predictions of weak demand, it’s entirely possible we could see deals on the X sooner than expected. But until we actually see those price drops, it’s better to wait on this device.

Android phones

If you prefer Android to Apple, February isn’t necessarily a better time to buy. True, Mobile World Congress kicks off in late February, and that’s where many manufacturers announce new mobile devices. But that doesn’t mean price drops will follow. In fact, our research shows that’s generally not the case. Samsung, for one, is set to unveil the flagship Galaxy S9 at MWC, with sales likely to begin in March. After the announcement is when we expect to see prices fall on last year’s models, but costs probably won’t get lower right away.


With holiday travel far behind and summer vacations still a few months off, luggage is in a slow period. But it becomes even slower in March, which is when you can expect to see notable discounts. (We’re talking backpacks and duffels in the single digits.) Wait until then to stock up, before prices surge again later.

Skiing and snowboarding equipment

The spring thaw is on its way, so unless you desperately need new equipment to hit the slopes, we advise waiting until March. That’s when the discount season begins. You can expect to see a 20 percent or so decrease, with plenty of choices worth shopping around the start of the month.

Home improvement materials

Unless you live in a mild climate, you’re probably waiting until spring to tackle your DIY project list anyway. Might as well hold off on purchasing the materials for it, since we see more deals for those in March than in any of the surrounding months. Last year, there were 52 home improvement deals in February. The number jumped to 77 in March, before falling again in April and May.

While you’re holding off on the above purchases in the month of February, we also want to alert you to some retailers who offered amazing deals in this month last year …

Top 4 stores for February

  • Anthropologie: Last year, this trendy store took an extra 40 percent off during the month. The discount applied to clothing, shoes, home goods, beauty items and accessories, making February one of the best times to shop the typically pricier store.
  • Ralph Lauren: The retailer’s 2017 End-of-Season Sale once again took up to 65 percent off. The deal was also coupled with an extra 40 percent off via a coupon code, making it the best discount we’d seen in almost a year. It’s a prime time to snag excellent deals on preppy goods.
  • ShermansTravel: A 50 percent off Frontier Airlines coupon had domestic flights starting as low as $26, while United offered flights as low as $35, and Spirit Airlines featured $36 fares. This many low-cost choices meant booking a last-minute trip was extremely affordable.
  • Newegg: Known for all kinds of electronics, this store had more than 300 deals during the month last year. Savvy shoppers could snag discounted TVs bundled with gift cards, gaming headsets, power banks, speakers and more.

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