Consumers Say These 2 Credit Card Issuers Are the Best

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Young woman smiling and happy with her credit card
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Credit card companies are rebuilding customer satisfaction after a decline in 2021. But those who hold cards from American Express and Goldman Sachs are much happier than others, according to a recent J.D. Power survey of nearly 28,000 cardholders.

Changes that arose during the coronavirus pandemic drove dissatisfaction, giving lenders room to grow this year despite waning spending and a weakened economy.

In a press release, John Cabell, director of banking and payments intelligence at J.D. Power, says:

“Credit card issuers are doing a relatively good job of building strong customer relationships in a highly uncertain economic environment, but there are some very real concerns looming on the horizon. … It is going to become critically important for card issuers to improve product value and boost proactive support for a growing segment of financially stressed customers as we move into this next phase of the economic cycle.”

Among national card issuers, two companies besides No. 1-ranked American Express earned customer satisfaction scores that exceed the average score among all national issuers included in the study. These top issuers, and their scores, are:

  • American Express: 848 out of 1,000 points
  • Discover: 841
  • Bank of America: 818

USAA fared even better, with a score of 860, but was excluded from the ranking. (It only serves U.S. military members and their families.)

Among midsize issuers — defined as providers with fewer than 4 million credit card users — the companies besides No. 1-ranked Goldman Sachs that earned above-average customer satisfaction scores are:

  • Goldman Sachs: 843 out of 1,000 points
  • TD bank: 808
  • Fifth Third: 806
  • PNC (and BBVA): 806
  • Regions Bank: 806
  • Huntington: 804
  • Citizens Bank: 801

Navy Federal Credit Union scored even higher — 876 out of 1,000 points — but was excluded from the ranking. (It’s only open to military members, veterans, U.S. Department of Defense employees and their family members.)

J.D. Power notes that overall rise in satisfaction comes mainly from higher scores on the factors of benefits and services, credit card terms and communication.

A growing majority of credit card users are considered “financially unhealthy,” J.D. Power notes. In other words, many consumers have a high spending to savings ratio, low credit worthiness, or fewer safety nets such as insurance coverage.

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