This Cheap Food Rivals Beef for Satisfying Appetites

Whether you're interested in saving the planet or just a few bucks by eating less meat, this food might be the perfect substitute.

This Cheap Food Rivals Beef for Satisfying Appetites Photo (cc) by Mr Michael Phams

Whether you’re interested in saving the planet or just a few bucks by eating less meat, beans might be the perfect substitute.

New research shows beans can be as filling as beef, according to a news release from the Institute of Food Technologies, a Chicago-based nonprofit.

University of Minnesota researchers conducted the study, which was published in the Journal of Food Science.

The researchers fed 28 study participants (half men, half women) two test meals — a “meatloaf” made from either beef or beans. The beef- and bean-based meals were matched in weight, calories and total fat. They differed in protein (26 grams and 17 grams, respectively) and fiber (3 grams and 12 grams, respectively).

None of the participants rated their appetites any differently after eating, regardless of whether they had consumed a beef or bean meal.

The institute explains:

Protein is considered to be the number one nutrient that induces the feeling of fullness, with fiber coming in a close second. While protein intake releases appetite suppressing hormones, the beneficial effects of fiber on appetite and food include slowing down the digestion process and helping control blood sugar levels to increase the feeling of fullness for longer.

One noted downside of the bean-based meal, however, is that participants reported more gas and bloating afterward.

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