This Is Why You’re Getting More Robocalls — Plus Tips to Stop Them

This Is Why You’re Getting More Robocalls — Plus Tips to Stop Them

Have you noticed an uptick in the number of robocalls you’re receiving these days? You’re not alone.

After a six-month dip in the number of annoying, prerecorded message phone calls Americans receive, robocalls are on the rise again. According to YouMail, a leading provider of cloud-based telecommunication services, Americans received an estimated 2.45 billion robocalls in March. That’s an 11 percent hike over February.

According to CNN Tech correspondent Samuel Burke, there are three main reasons many Americans are being swamped by pesky robocalls.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol: Robocalls are made online today, instead of using traditional phone lines, making it easy for scammers to flood consumers’ phone lines. “VoIP is cheap, widely available and it allows these companies to call thousands of numbers simultaneously,” Burke says.
  • Spoofing calls: Robocallers are using area codes that match those on the receiving end. “Spoofing makes you more likely to pick up because you think it might be somebody you know,” says Burke.
  • Robocallers aren’t playing by the rules: Scammers don’t care about the national Do Not Call Registry, which is designed to reduce annoying robocalls. “While the Do Not Call Registry will stop legitimate companies from calling you, those who use robocalls to scam you will completely ignore it,” explains Burke.

So what can you do to reduce the number of robocalls swamping your phone? Check out “8 Tips to Stop Annoying Robocalls” for helpful advice, including:

  • Get on the Do Not Call Registry: Although it won’t stop the calls from scammers, it could reduce the number of robocalls you may receive from law-abiding solicitors.
  • Hang up: Simply hang up the phone if you think you’ve received a robocall.
  • Get help: Burke says AT&T and T-Mobile offer free services to reduce robocallers. He also recommends the app Nomorobo, a free tool that’s designed to thwart those maddening calls. Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson also cites the tool in “Ask Stacy: How Can I Stop Robocalls, Junk Mail and Spam?

Have you noticed an increase in the number of unwanted solicitation phone calls you’re receiving? Sound off below or on Facebook.

This Is Why You’re Getting More Robocalls — Plus Tips to Stop Them

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