Living in This State Will Give You More ‘Free Time’

One state's residents enjoy more free time than people in any other place, a new study finds.

Living in This State Will Give You More ‘Free Time’ Photo by By dvoevnore /

If the rat race has you running in circles, perhaps a move to the great state of Maine is in order.

Maine tops the list of states whose residents enjoy the most free time, according to an analysis of government data by Coleman Furniture.

The company looked at numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the American Community Survey (by the U.S. Census Bureau) and the Bureau of Economic Analysis in an effort to uncover which state’s residents have “the most free time, or at least the least time working.”

Maine topped the list of states, which were ranked based on two major factors:

  • The amount of time people devote to their jobs, based on a combination of time spent commuting and average hours worked per week.
  • How much vacation time workers use, represented as a percentage of total allowed vacation hours.

Aside from Maine, states in the Midwest and West dominated the list of places with more “free time”:

  • Maine
  • Wisconsin
  • Alaska
  • Michigan
  • Utah
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Oregon
  • Arkansas

Meanwhile, if you like the leisure life, stay away from Virginia, Maryland and New Hampshire. They are the three states with the least free time, according to Coleman.

Of course, “free time” isn’t so wonderful if it’s the result of unemployment! So, before you move, check out:

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Chris Kissell
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