5 Top Cellphone Plans Under $30

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Major carrier unlimited plans can be quite pricey, with flagship offerings from Verizon and AT&T nearing the $100 mark. But not everybody needs all the bells and whistles that come with these costly cellphone plans. If you are more than happy with the basics, you can find a cellphone plan for a very reasonable price.

Here are some of our favorite cellphone plans for under $30 per month.

Sprint’s Unlimited Kickstart

An unlimited plan from one of the major carriers for just $25 per month?

The Sprint Unlimited Kickstart plan is for real. This plan is perhaps the best jumping-off point for anybody who is thinking about getting an unlimited plan but doesn’t want to pay a premium price.

You’ll have to bring your own phone to the Sprint Unlimited Kickstart plan as it’s not available for anyone leasing their phone with Sprint. However, that just means more savings as you won’t have to make monthly payments for your device.

Twigby Unlimited Talk & Text

Twigby’s plans are highly customizable. You can select the minutes, texts and data you need to get a fair price on your Twigby plan. Our favorite choice gets you unlimited talk and text and up to 1GB of data for just $14.25 per month.

Twigby’s plans are supported by Sprint’s network and backed up by Verizon’s network where Sprint isn’t available. So, you can count on strong coverage wherever you are in the country.

Good2Go Unlimited Talk & Text + 1GB

With unlimited talk and text, 1 GB of high-speed data, and a $15 price tag, this plan looks an awful lot like the Twigby plan on this list. The main difference between the two plans is that Good2Go operates on AT&T’s network. If you are in an area where AT&T’s service is stronger than Sprint’s or Verizon’s, Good2Go’s Unlimited Talk & Text + 1GB plan is probably the better choice for you.

Red Pocket $10 Plan

Unlimited talk and text might be more talk and text than you actually need. If you use your phone sparingly, purchasing a plan with limits can increase your savings. Red Pocket, an MVNO that works with all four major cellphone networks, will give you 500 minutes of talk, 500 texts and 500MB of data for just $10 per month.

You should especially consider the Red Pocket plan if international calling is important to you. Red Pocket’s $10 plan includes calls to more than 70 countries at no additional charge.

Mint Mobile Medium

Mint Mobile is one of our favorite MVNOs, and if you act soon you can get an amazingly great rate on your first six months of service with the carrier. (The way the deal is structured, you pay $20/month for three months, then three months free.)

For just $10 per month you get unlimited talk and text plus 8GB of high-speed data. Just remember that after the initial six months you’ll have to pay that standard $35 per month rate or purchase their cheaper plan at $25 per month which has a smaller high-speed data allotment of 3GB. Mint’s plans run on the T-Mobile nationwide network.

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