Top 5 Reasons to Switch Cellphone Carriers

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The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint has shrunk your choice of major cellphone carriers, but there is still a huge selection of smaller carriers that piggyback off the major networks, known as MVNOs.

On top of the wide selection, with current and relatively lenient unlocking policies, it’s never been easier to change cellphone plan providers. Here are our top reasons to switch cellphone carriers.

1. Get better coverage

Nothing will ruin your experience with a cellphone carrier faster than bad coverage. We rely on our smartphones to keep us connected to the world, and we pay good money for that service.

If you’re getting poor signals on your carrier’s network, it’s time to make a change. If you’re on one of the major carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon), switching to another major carrier is going to automatically put you on a different network.

Take a look at any new potential carrier’s coverage map to make sure you’ll get better service on their network.

If you want to switch to a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, make sure that MVNO isn’t on the same network you’re coming from. You’ll just end up with the exact same bad service you had before switching.

MVNOs aren’t always forthcoming about what network(s) they utilize, but a quick Google search should get you the answer.

2. Save some money

If you want to save money on your cellphone plan, one of the best things to do is switch carriers. Again, there are many cellphone plan providers out there vying for your business.

There’s a very good chance you’re going to find one that provides similar or better service than you currently have, at cheaper prices. Shop around, and you’ll find the right plan for you at the right price.

3. Get those perks

Oftentimes, especially with the major carriers, the biggest differences between plans are the perks they offer.

If you frequently make calls to numbers outside of the country, you might look into plans with excellent international perks.

If you are subscribed to all the big video streaming services, and you love to listen to music, try getting some of those subscriptions free with your plan’s entertainment perks.

One of the best plans for perks is Verizon’s Get More Unlimited, which comes with free Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ and Apple Music. You’ll also get 600MB of free cloud storage.

4. Great deals on new phones

New phones are expensive, but you can save a ton on your next mobile device simply by switching to a new carrier.

The best deals on new phones are almost always reserved for customers switching from a different carrier, with the major carriers typically offering the biggest savings.

Most of the time carriers will not offer any sort of deal on new phones for their existing customers. So, switch providers to save big on your next device.

5. Get more high-speed data

The majority of cellphone plans these days are somewhat unlimited. That is to say, if you go over a data limit, you’re not going to be charged extra.

Instead, you’ll just have your data speeds lowered, often to unusable speeds.

Many of the MVNOs offer lower amounts of high-speed data on their plans. If you find yourself constantly going over your plan’s full-speed allotment, it’s probably time to switch carriers and plans.

Look into one of the major carriers, as they have some of the best allowances of guaranteed high-speed data.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t MVNOs that have great unlimited plans. Visible has one of the best plans, with unlimited high-speed data, messages and minutes for just $40 per month on the Verizon network.

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