Walmart Debuts ‘Express’ Returns for Holiday Shopping Season

Walmart's reinvented returns process includes a special express lane. It's the latest in a series of improvements the chain has announced this year.

Walmart Debuts ‘Express’ Returns for Holiday Shopping Season Photo by Tupungato /

Walmart says it has created a “faster, simpler returns process unlike any other in retail.”

The retail giant announced in October that the new returns process, called “Mobile Express Returns,” will be available starting this month. The process involves two steps. As Walmart describes it:

  1. Initiate the return: Using the Walmart app, select the Walmart transaction and item(s) to return and follow the prompts to start the return process.
  2. Finish the return at the store: At the store, fast-track through the line via the Mobile Express Lane at the Customer Service Desk. Scan the QR code displayed on the card reader with the Walmart app, and then hand the item to the associate.

So instead of having to wait in the usual return line, customers who take this returns route will be able to use an express lane. There, they simply scan the card reader — the machine where you generally swipe or dip your credit or debit card — and hand over the return.

Express returns will be available for items bought online and in stores:

  • For items sold and shipped by Available in early November
  • For store purchases: Available in early 2018

Walmart mentions a similar process for items sold by third parties on

Earlier this year, Walmart announced “Mobile Express” options for its money-sending services and pharmacy services. Customers can use the mobile app and express lanes to speed through those services. Mobile Express Money Services is now available, and Mobile Express Pharmacy is expected to be available later this year.

To learn about other changes revealed by Walmart this year, check out:

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