Want to Be Rich? Here’s All the Advice You’ll Ever Need, in 10 Simple Sentences

I've been giving financial advice for 40 years, and I'm a millionaire several times over. Here are the 10 best bits of financial advice I've both given and taken.

2. Avoid debt like the plague.

debt-freeGustavo Frazao / Shutterstock.com

Most people treat debt as if it’s a normal part of life. They divide it into categories like “good debt” and “bad debt.” They discuss it endlessly, as if it’s some mathematical mystery.

Debt’s not complicated. Paying money to temporarily use other people’s makes you poorer. Charging money to temporarily let other people use yours makes you richer.

Since paying interest makes you poorer, you only do it two situations: first, when you have to in order to survive; second, when you’ll earn more on what you’re financing than what you’ll pay to finance it.

Unless borrowing is ultimately going to make you richer, don’t do it.


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