Watch This: Why You Can’t Resist Buying Certain Things

If the price of ice cream plunges, more people will buy it, right? Not so fast. Watch this video to learn how the human mind influences buying behaviors.

Watch This: Why You Can’t Resist Buying Certain Things Photo by Maksim Shmeljov /

Why do we buy the things we buy? If you assume people are rational, it’s easy to answer such a question. If we want or need something, we look for the item and buy it when we find the best price.

Unfortunately, people are not as rational as we might think. As the emerging field of behavioral economics has shown time and again, perceptions and passions can cause human beings to make some awfully funny money moves.

Watch this video from CrashCourse to learn how certain factors — such as lack of information — can strongly influence our buying decisions, even if we aren’t always aware of it.

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