10 Awesome Costco Shopping Secrets That Go Way Beyond Free Samples

Liquor, gift cards and Costco's Kirkland brand are just the beginning of the savings.

10 Awesome Costco Shopping Secrets That Go Way Beyond Free Samples Photo (cc) by JeepersMedia

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If you’re a savvy shopper, you probably have a Costco membership. The warehouse store offers massive discounts on bulk foods, household goods, and even gasoline, but the savings don’t stop there. Prepare to save more money than ever before by getting educated about the inner workings of Costco’s price schemes, in-store deals and policies. It might just change your life.

1. Some locations allow nonmembers to buy alcohol

Certain states require Costco to allow alcohol purchases by nonmembers, so keep this in mind when you’re stocking your bar cart.

2. Use the store to snag discounted gift cards, movie tickets, and local fares

One of Costco’s best offerings is the gift card aisle, which offers great prices for bulk movie tickets and store gift certificates. Some store locations even offer discounted bridge toll passes for area freeways.

3. Some prices never change

You can always enjoy a great deal on Costco’s signature hot dog and soda combo, because the chain refuses to raise its $1.50 price. This tasty meal is one of the best deals in the store.

4. Check the mail before making your list

Costco sends out coupon and deal booklets to members via mail, so be sure to check for any extra savings before making your shopping plan.

5. Fill up on samples, but don’t let their tastiness sway you

Costco samples are the well-known perk of the store, but they can often lead to impulse purchases. Try to fill up on samples, a free meal that will stop you from “hungry shopping,” but don’t stray from your set shopping list.

6. Buy store-brand items for bigger savings

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